running feet

running feet
Running feet. These aren't mine.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Still hurting. . .

I got out on Saturday for a jaunt around Bristol Harbourside. It was a gorgeous day, and I enjoyed the sunshine, The best of Cream on my Ipod, and (strangely, given what I've written elsewhere) the dandelions in bloom down the chocolate path. That said I didn't enjoy the actual physical act of running - I think a combination of football on Thursday night, followed by three hours digging on Friday morning caught up with me, and the whole affair was an exercise in wishing for the end. Interesting thoughts were at a premium; hence the short nature of this entry.

Better luck next time.

Running log
Distance: 3 and a bit miles
Pace: 32 minutes - nine and a half minute miles.
Location: Bristol harbourside


  1. What?! Is it possible that I'm the first follower of your blog? I feel so special! And I like to read runners blogs because I think maybe it will inspire me to get off my butt and do something.

    Welcome to the challenge!


  2. Thanks Karen, you are indeed my first follower - so I feel a bit humble that anyone would want to follow what I have to say. . .